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How can I contact design your own bracelet factory-latex allergy silicone bracelets

re are 8 steps to make a rubber bracelet. Design the artwork. An artwork includes the information of order number, size, logo style, order quantity and other options like glowing and individual pack. It shows what the bracelet looks like with your message or logo. Make the mould or film. A mould is needed for debossed, embossed, colorfilled styles. It is made from copper. A film is functioned like a mould but it is for printed wristband only. Prepare the rubber material. A rubber bracelet is mainly made from silicone rubber, and some other accessories like curing agent which solidify the soft rubber, and Color masterbatch which makes bracelet colored. Produce bracelets by the mould. As we mentioned before in 2nd and 3rd step, we will transfer  the blocks to bracelets by a set of moulding machine of high temperature. Edge cutting. A semi-product of rubber bracelet has rough edges, we have to cut it off. It is cut by machine. Color the logo and wording. The bracelet comes out from moulding machine without colors on the logo and lettering. We have to fill the ink or print the ink on the bracelet. Clean the product and packing. As the bracelet has static electricity, dust will be on the surface and hard to move off. We count the quantity by weighting. Normally packing will be 100pcs/bag, and 2500pcs/ctn.  

design your own bracelet

customer are holding ready-made products for Soft-hardness comparison directly and then choose one of them . In nowadays the custom silicone bracelets is one of them. So how to choose the hardness for custom silicone bracelets . The choice of softness and hardness of silica gel will have different effects on the properties of different products . Alatex allergy silicone braceletst present, the hardness of commonly used silica gel hand rings is between 40 degrees and 60 degrees and material with different hardness has certain difference . For example , the tensile rate of 40 degree materials will reach about 150% , and the tensile rate 60 degree materials can only reach about 80% . So in order to confirm the functionality of products , we have to test them . It is more difficult to produce high hardness silica gel hand rings . For the manufacturers of silica gel hand rings , the higher the hardness , the higher the defective rate of the products and the pulling force of the products will also be affected and will cause fracture phenomenon at any time . Therefore , we suggest that the hardness of the silica gel hand rings should not be too high .      

ese wholesale rubber bracelets are sold to raise funds about events like breast cancer awareness or diabetes awareness or dyslexia awareness or for some kind of environmental commitment. Sometimes wholesale rubber bracelets are sold to raise money to help victims of natural catastrophes like tsunamis or earthquakes or floods or famines or landslides etc. Corporations and companies and organizations usually opt for wholesale rubber bracelets because then they can buy it cheap. The wholesale price of silicone rubber bracelets can be as little as 50 cents or half a dollar. When corporate houses or charitable organizations and NGOs purchase wholesale rubber bracelets, they can save a lot of money. Then they customize these bracelets, emboss their own slogans or logos or messages on these and either distribute them free of cost to publicize or promote a company or sell them to raise funds to support noble causes. Because wholesale prices are cheap, it makes sense to buy these silicone rubber bracelets at wholesale rates for this translates into a very economic way of advertising your company or cause and awakening public awareness. NGOs and foundations often obtain excellent retails when they sell wholesale rubber bracelets at superior rates. Since the profit margin is high, the profit that is earned is spent on philanthropic causes. And the best part is that no other promotional item, be it cups, mugs, t-shirts, caps, pen sets, or whatever novel idea you have, can provide such high revenues. It is a win-win situation for all. Even pins or notebooks olatex allergy silicone braceletsr calendars aren’t such revenue generating promotional products, compared to wholesale rubber bracelets. And these are fast fliers from the rack. Because these silicone rubber bracelets are cute and attractive and sport different colors and different patterns, people love to wear them to dress up their outfits and wrists and these also last for a long time. They are always circular and they will never ever lose their round shape. The light, supple and soft texture ensures that it is easy on the skin and is ideal for daily wear. And they are resilient and durable as well.             rubber-wristbands-ebay

price, so the bracelet should has competitive price. On the other side, if the price is too low, that may be recycled material. Quality. If you do not make an order before, then you need to get sample to check the quality. Good rubber bracelet should get smooth surface, clear logo, soft rubber material and clear edge. Dlivery guaranteed. Bracelet maker is good at making their product on time, no matter it is rush or not. And you can get this imformation from the comment of other customers. Variety of products. As a professional bracelet maker, we provide all kinds of rubber bracelet of logo styles, color styles, sizes and so on. Using coupon SAVE10, we offer 10% dicount for the total price. Besides, order less than 100pcs, get 50pcs free and 5pcs keychains free. Order 100pcs or more, get 100pcs free and 10pcs keychains free. All the free wristbands and keychains are same design of the one you order.  

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