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to buy 100 to send 100 is true_silicone rubber bracelets

fter absorbing strong light energy under the effect of phosphor which is very small amount added and green to human. The glow will fade gradually in about 3h depending on how much light it absorbs. The logo can be same as regular debossed, embossed or printed on the glowing wristbands. A UV silicone bracelet can transfer it’s color darker under sunshine when absorbing UV light. It trsilicone rubber braceletsansfer to purple or blue normally which indicating the strength of the UV index. Wearing it on the wrist is a good way to avoid long time staying under strong sunshine. We add UV powder which is also green as silicone in production. A mosquito repellent silicone wristband is very useful to protect ourselves from the mosquito. It is made from high quality silicone together with lemongrass, lavender, clove and other natural plant oils. And the natural plant oils is the reason why it is mosquito resisting. A mosquito repellent rubber bracelet is comfortable to wear on the wrist or leg as its good air permeability . It is designed as non contacting type of the controlling module so safe fsilicone rubber braceletsor adult and kids.  

Custom made silicone wristbands play an important role in our life. It contributes to holiday decoration, promotion event, team sports, fundraising, anniversary, memorials and so on. It is of favorable price, comfortable to wear and long lasting. Glowing silicone wristband. It glows green or blue after absorbing light energy like lamp light or sunshine. The glow fades gradually in about 3h. We can make it glowing band as well as or the debossed and glowing logo. It is the best one for night event. UV custom made silicone wristbands. A UV silicone wristband transfers it’s color darker under sunshine when absorbing UV light. It transfer to purple or blue which indicating the strength of the UV index. Wearing it on the wrist is a good way to avoid long time staying under strong sunshine.   silicone-wristbands-walmartsilicone-wristbands-made-in-america

We are professional rubber bracelet manufacturer in US. We make all kinds of rubber bracelet with favorable price and high quality. We usually make a self injury awareness to remind and protect us from self injury. We can make what you need to be aware on the bracelet. It can be logo or slogan. When you see the bracelet, it will remind you of what need to be always think of. We can make it in different colors and logo styles. It can be solid, swirl, segment, dual layer, glowing or UV transfer. The logo can be debossed, embossed, printed ,embossed printed and colorfilled. Order less than 100pcs, get 50pcs free and 5pcs keychains free. Order 100pcs or more, get 100pcs free and 10pcs keychains free. All the free wristbands and keychains are same design of the one you order.    

fork rubber band bracelet

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