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How to custom ,custom picture charm bracelets

ONG rubber wirstband was adorned by Armstrong who suffer from cancer. It is a yellow shows strengthen and brave facing the disease. Yellow is warm color, a kind of golden color, a kind of color of the sun and creation. It carries the emotional significance of music with joy, richness, glory and major style. Yellow making people happy. We usually use pantone color yellow c for the yellow wristband and 803c for a yellow glowing wristband. Purple and yellow is good combination, people usually choose yellow for the band color and purple for the message. A yellow wristband is an awareness and inspirational wristband. People who wear a yellow wristband can get strength to fight against disease.  We can make the logo debossed, embossed, colorfilled, embossed printed or printed on it. The wristband can be normal shape or figured shape like a watch, heart or other like the logo. We can make the design according to your logo.  

big rubber bracelets design with quantity, colors and size. Factory will create a digital proof based on the order or inquiry details. Customer can choose their favourite colors with the standard pantone colors system on our website, there are various colors on our website for customer’s options. The proof shows wristband style, size, color, quantity and how the wristband looks like. If customer has a good idea on the proof or they want to revise the proof, they can just feel free to let us know we will keep changing the proof until the customer is satisfied with the proof.After the proof is confirmed by customer, we will start the mass procustom picture charm braceletsduction. We will mix colors with raw and processed material according to the pantone color card to match up cuostmer’s colors. Cut the raw material and weight the small silicone pieces on the micro-electronic balance to make sure each wristband’s grammage is correct. Our factory can achieve 400,000pcs wristbands out put everyday. Semi-automatic production of debossed colorfilled and trimcustom picture charm braceletsming, high efficiency printing machine to finish screen printing or multicolors printing. Simple order we can finish it within 1day if customer wants a super rush order.         cool-rubber-braceletsanimal-shaped-bracelets-rubber

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