The possibility of getting a license plate in Beijing: 1remembrance wristbands:2,031

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Traffic crawls under Hangtian Bridge in Beijing on Sept 13, 2016. [Photo/VCG]

The chance to get a new license plate registered in Beijing is becoming tougher every month, with the possibility of securing the license falling to 1 in 2,031, a record low, according to on Monday.

As of June 8, a total of 2,808,047 eligible individuals had applied for license plates through the lottery system. The total plates available for the two months were 6,333.

This figure was lower than on April 8, when the ratio was 1 in 1,963.

To control the rapid increase of cars in the capital, Beijing began issuing license plates under a lottery system in Jan 2011.

Since getting a license plate is getting harder, many have resorted to applying for license plates for new energy vehicles as there’s no lottery system.

By June 8, a total of 285,560 people had applied for new energy license plates, which means the applicants will not get their hands on the license plate before at least six years, or by 2024, according to the rules.

The number of cars registered in Beijing was 5.97 million as of April, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport.